child's play

In the "Youth Is Wasted On Our Young" dept. isn't there something slightly off about Avril and Usher being the childrens' choice winners at Nickelodeon? Sparked to think that the Britney-haters (the legions, who, like truly cynical cultural critics, have never listened to her, rather just know her media blitz) must be confused now, what with the bubbles popped, Frankie and Annette have grown up, gone dirty n' low. In the collapse, Green Day is a Grammy winner, a Rolling Stone cover, a former crusty punk band and the childrens' choice award. How is it true that we live in a world of niche? Maybe they ONLY sell American Idiot at Walmart - maybe I'm missing something.

In the cyclical nature of appropriation/influence, here's Gipsy, a Czech-Romani rapper who bears an uncanny vocal resemblance to Eminem. The skits on the full-length are sort of painful, but his lyrics are mostly great, his characters suffering everyday problems rendered tragic by their constant recall to the crap situation Romani have in the CZ. Anyone who's read Kafka's The Trial knows what I mean.

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chafin, you hater...parse this. adults have complicated emotions and sometimes its cool if they express them in complex ways, and shit. yeah? yeah! yeah yeah...also. i hate kids.

I've spent about a week trying to parse this, Daphnne, and I'm no closer. Are you saying that Usher & co. are just as likely to be loved by a 30 year-old housewife as a 12 year-old, exploding the notion that kid's choice is any different than everyone else's choice? Or, are you saying that they're MORE aimed at adults? In any event, your disenchantment with the Kids' Choice Awards is based on the most charming naiveté. Did they somehow have more integrity when Salt 'N' Peppa were winning?