zines: books about them as they become obsolete

Just saw a post about the book DIY: The Rise of Lo-fi Culture by Amy Spencer. It looks promising - ahh, summer reading! I wish more stuff like this had been around when I did my undergrad thesis on DIY publishing - the only text I knew at the time was Stephen Duncombe's "Zines," which is a great book, but not broadly historical.
He was on my defense panel, and when I brought copies of my favorite little pubs in, he curled away - overexposure. Although I can't really imagine someone like him really sitting around reading Wallpaper to balance it out.

That said, you may remember that I was running a zine last year and that well, it died. Simple - no longer free access to a copier. I've had a promise from an awesome friend for him to teach me basic bookbinding so that I can make little books, which I would like to do, and perhaps that will spark me. In the meantime, check out Evil Twin Publications, who make just the type of thing I see in my head when I think 'zines for grown ups.'

Inspired, I think, by a great conversation by my old friend Molly last night, who was telling her beau that I was 'the rebel' in high school, and about how my zine almost got me kicked out. Oh, to have my writing affect such angst now !

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