a promise, but not bunnymenesque

just got back from EMP - great, amazing, many new friends and great ideas. will blog tomorrow.

in the meantime, make your own annoying conference paper at home with this cool link. Refresh for the truly inane wonder!

just thinking how i was writing about going to the fischerspooner record release party as part of my study of art school pop, and this guy next to me struck up a conversation about living in the city. he told me how he spends 20 days running an internet business in new york, and 10 days living in north carolina raising cattle (what do the cows do the other 20 days, play shuffleboard?). he promised that one day when he's dining in nyc and I walk in a doctor, he'll send over a bottle of champagne, signed 'the redneck.' don't know why, but this is one more thing to look forward to.