bedroom tech and the death of indie rock

Was listening to this new Colleen album on Leaf and thinking about this argument new sparring partner Christopher put forth about how indie rock is such a watered down junk culture that corporate America and the agencies that sell it feel totally okay using it to sell their Hummers (hey, Ratatat had a Hummer ad? Weird, but sort of perfect, actually - the obvious clunky junk end of utilitarian metal (blow it up from underneath!) sells decedant wasteful post-transport).
Colleen could be sold that rainstick store in the mall, it totally chimes, drips, burbles and pulses - it is new age, new age as shit. But the textures are developed so well, the compositions tight, - it's better than the genre it is and isn't the genre it will be assigned. Indie rock - what does that mean? It's a historical term, in my mind, but psychophrenic at that - both Our Band Could Be... and post-Nirvana jangle pop, SST and Kindercore. Like new wave, it means nothing but 'this is a response' to punk, to post-disco, to the 80s. So indie rock is the response to the response, thus the lack of coherent style or even ethical/production-oriented value which I usually associate (like Azerrad) with the term 'indie.'
So Colleen, tranquil little piece of bliss that it is, is listened to by those following the eddies of post-rock, blooming hushed bedroom electronics, blooming more organic post-electronic music (The Books, Fennesz) but it will never have the saving swoop of Sunny Day Real Estate or Jawbreaker, nor does it want that rap. Is there something to this turn to the interior, the lack of politic, the texture over form? All I can think is the Rapture "You're getting ooollldddeerr...."

Was not entirely happy with this Stranger piece on U.S.E. in Japan, mostly cause I just wouldn't call them a 14-legged sonic love machine. Of course USE is going to be huge in Japan, and I love them to death, but what is their listening potential here? Also, I'm glad that this article put their Xtianity on the out, cause I think they make a lot more sense when you put their esctaticness into perspective.

Speaking of which, what I wouldn't give to have a statue of USE that looked likethis. Note, they'd have trouble with Jon E. Rock, since only white people seem to walk with Jesus in resin-statue sweatshops.

Oh ya, that guy! He's the least visible member of the band - he just sort of rocks it and stays out of the way...

Not to mention Derek Chan, the bassist.